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Mr. Vivek Bharat Ram

Mr. Vivek Bharat Ram, is the youngest of the three sons of Dr. Bharat Ram.

He did his B.S.Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan, USA. He became the Chairman and Senior Managing Director of  DCM Benetton India Ltd.

He was also the Chairman of Shriram Global Enterprises Ltd. Currently Mr Vivek Bharat Ram is the  Chairman of Shri Ram New Horizons Limited.

Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma

Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma, an alumnus of Delhi’s Hansraj College. He is also a Post Graduate in Marketing & Management from Russia. Mr Sharma has spent over 3 decades with the Shri Ram Group. He has been associated with prestigious ventures such as DCM Toyota, DCM Daewoo and DCM Bentton. Mr. Sharma is one of the founder promoters and Managing Director of Shri Ram New Horizons Ltd, a company established in 2002 as a joint venture with the world’s largest IT  training company, the New Horizons of USA. As the MD of the company Mr. Sharma envisions helping the youth of the country realise their dreams through education, training and placement services. Mr. Sharma is also a trustee of the Akshar Culture Trust, Shri Ram Education Trust and Shri Ram Centennial Education Foundation.