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1st Position in Class XII - Batch 2022-23

My final year in school, class 12, was a truly remarkable journey that was filled with enjoyable learning experiences.The curriculum and learning environment at BRGS pushed me to limits and helped to perform well in my 12th board exams . I am very grateful to my exceptional teachers whose tireless efforts and unwavering support were invaluable. Further, I also express my gratitude towards my classmates for making my school experience unforgettable. I am very much thankful to my classmates and BRGS staff for all the memories which will undoubtedly hold a special place in my heart for years.


1st Position in Class XII - Batch 2022-23

My last year at school was truly a memorable one.  Being in class 12 was an amazing experience. The curriculum was exciting and far simpler than I had expected. I am  grateful to my teachers, especially my class teacher, for guiding me through my final year of school and my 12 board exams. Their dedication not only helped me score well in my subjects but also motivated me during the board exams when stress and anxiety runs high. Making notes was fun and consistent class tests helped me revise and better understand the syllabus. I am truly thankful to my school, the teachers and my classmates for the past year and all the memories that I will surely cherish.


2nd Position in Class XII - Batch 2022-23

Success is nothing but one of the crests in the life of a failure in my case, it is no different. Bits and bits of persistent hard-work ultimately conglomerated and the result manifested itself. The one take-away I definitely learned from the ensuing struggle of 10+2 level exams is that you have to be patient and concentrate on what is to be done on hand. Instead of unnecessarily branching yourself, try to be composed by always keeping in mind that this is just a torrential phase and let it test me. Things can overwhelm you only if you allow them so. I'm always grateful that my teachers always cheered me which raised my spirits and allowed me to outperform myself. I extend my heartfelt gratitude and servitude to the omnipresent who showered and still showering his infallible blessings upon us.