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International Collaboration

Bharat Ram Global School is delighted to announce its collaboration with Benesse, a renowned global education company. With a core philosophy centred around well-being, Benesse is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and holds the esteemed position of being Japan's leading education company, with a substantial revenue of USD 4.3 billion.

In India, Benesse aims to address the learning gaps that students may face, both in terms of academics and learning habits. Through innovative tools like the 'Khojo' Assessments (meaning 'improvement' in Japanese), along with digital workbooks, practice tests, detailed analysis reports for teachers, and personalised student reports, Benesse strives to identify specific areas for improvement and provide timely support and guidance. The ultimate objective is to significantly enhance students' learning outcomes and foster their overall growth.

The collaboration between Bharat Ram Global School and Benesse holds great promise in enhancing the educational experience for students. By leveraging Benesse's expertise and resources, the school can effectively cater to students' individual needs, nurture their academic journey, and empower them to reach their full potential. Together, Bharat Ram Global School and Benesse are committed to cultivating a generation of confident and successful learners in India.