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Dear Parents,
To make your ONLINE FEE PAYMENT safe and convenient, we now have a FEE PAYMENT APP named Quick School Parent through which you can easily make your fee payment. A receipt will also be generated immediately .
This is linked to the ERP and so the information automatically gets saved in the school data..

1) It is Safe and Secure method.
2)You do not need to visit the school for paying the fees.
3) You will never miss the deadline and will be saved from paying the late fine.
4) The students do not have to carry the fees to school.
5) Payment information will be updated in school records automatically.



The steps to start using the app are as follows-

Systematically process to start the school app
1.    Download quick school app from play store:
2.    Open the app and aa school URL i.e. :
3.    Put Nick name :     It can be your child name
4.    Put the user ID of the student i.e. :  p followed by admission no of the student.
For example if admission number is 1234 your user id will be-  p1234
5.    Password for all the student is same i.e. : welcome1
6.    After login the app you can pay the fee of your ward in FEE tab
7.    Sibling option can be selected for payment of fee. So by one login fees of all siblings can be paid

If you still have any query contact  8285484506